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The Ridgefield Art Colony……

represents an inspiration in the world of art that touched the very souls of America’s most prominent artist’s, many of whom were celebrated the world over.  Man Ray, James Maxfield, Maurice Sterne, Van Dering Perrine, Samuel Halpert, William Glackens, and scores of other acclaimed artists whose souls were touched a century before while living at this Shangra-la on the corner of Studio Road and Art Lane in Ridgefield, New Jersey.

Curator of the Ridgefield Art Colony

My name is Luz Dari Galindez,  Curator of the Ridgefield Art Colony.  The Ridgefield Art Colony is art history’s version of Sleeping Beauty gone to bed for one hundred years now re-awakening before your very eyes.   >>>>>>Read more about the curator in an article from the Bergen Record >>> HERE

Clearly, websites were a century away into the future however, this represented a time where inspiration was molded inside the veins of artists on a western slope of a hill.  Few if any cars, simply horses, buggy’s, farmland, and trees overlooking the bucolic Hackensack river out onto the Meadowlands and beyond into the mountain backdrop off in the distance.  It represented the antithesis when compared to the insanity of New York just across the Hudson River.  A literal refuge just a mile away providing a wonderful setting for artists to relax , be inspired and commune.

The Ridgefield Art Colony is rich in art history and represents a story of miraculous proportion as told by it’s curator, Ms. Galindez.  ”It’s my intention to provide a virtual home on line for student artists the world over to place their names among the walls of art history.

The launch date of the fully operational website is slated for May of 2014 and will provide students the world over a virtual museum, a meeting place, a place of inspiration and a place of pride to hang your work alongside the work of the many masters who biography is so much a part of the Ridgefield Art Colony.

“Continued Life”

Ms. Galindez current work entitled “Continued Life” is now on exhibition at the Leonia and Fort Lee, libraries in New Jersey until the end of December 2013.  Her Extraordinary array of individually hand crafted wood pieces includes birdhouses, the manager of Jesus, and an assortment of hand designed wood Judiac works inspired by the fallen trees of Hurricane Sandy which she collected from the very grounds of the actual site of the famous Ridgefield Art Colony.  See article HERE

Ms. Galindez work has been recently celebrated on NY 1 as well as a recent article entitled “Home Renewal” in the Better Living section of the Bergen Record on Saturday December 14th, 2013. The Latin newspaper El Diario published the work and story of Ms. Galindez on the front page as well with a full center page spread about her outstanding accomplishments relating to her current expos entitled Continued Life.  Univision Channel 41 also did a story which aired on their Saturday evening broadcast with Victor Javier Solano on the works of Mrs Galindez in their Saturday evening newscast on Noticias 41.



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